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At AWA DANCE, we invest our time into every single woman that enters our network, equipping them with leadership tools to prepare them to confront today's challenges. o make a change on a global scale, we know that our focus must first be on the individual. By understanding your potential and abilities, our women and girls will lead others confidently, making them generous leaders, whose influence will ripple into their family, workplace, community and larger society.​ Each woman and girl in the AWA DANCE network is important to us; all of them are an essential part of a colourful and bright tapestry in the pattern of a grand leadership design. ​


participants have been part of our of work during 2020-2023, across the UK

100 %

of organisations we worked with in 2023 rated our workshops ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’

95 %

of girls attending our workshops in 2022 and 2023 said the session was worth their time

97 %

of women participants would recommend AWA DANCE’s programmes

top words

‘Empowered’, ‘Confident’, ‘Ready’ 

are the top 3 words chosen by our participants after our workshops

In their own words...

The main thing I took away is: ‘The moment you exist, you make an impact, so make it good! '
Power Girl Mini Bootcamp Attendee 2021
I entirely enjoyed the process and opportunities given. AWA mentoring programme was the Highlight of my 2021.
Mentee 2021
Awesome experience! Honest space to listen and express; difficult topics dealt with in a humble and courageous manner: nurturing environment for personal and collective reflection, thank you!
Women Leadership Bootcamp Attendee 2021
"Thank you for believing in us and giving us this opportunity to learn and grow. Your kindness has enriched us"
Girl Bootcamp Attendee
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AWA DANCE,  the charity where Women and Girls thrive as  creative leaders!