At AWA DANCE, we are continuously striving to improve our services, reach underrepresented groups and create equal opportunities for all. In order to do this, we will collect data and measure our impact to instigate change in the UK dance sector & wider society.​ Contact us to find out how you can partner with us on this research.

Download and watch the presentation of our latest research in collaboration with Coventry University’s C-DaRE. Gender Balance in the UK dance sector
Published 29th March 2023

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What we want

Better data

to produce better data

to inform our actions


Transformative thinking

to encourage transformative thinking

and action to enable progression

Better opportunities

to create better opportunities

to empower women and girls


We build data by


Monitoring  and evaluating our programmes to improve delivery and build evidence of their results


Collecting data

Collecting qualitative and quantitative data to report outcomes and measure impact


Partnering with leading research organisations to source qualitative and quantitative data on the UK dance sector