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The aim of AWADancingQueens blog is to create a safe platform for all girls aged 12-18 to use their voice and begin a journey of self-expression. Having this space will mean girls can empower others with what they’re passionate about, kickstarting a new idea of what leadership can look like.

This blog is perfect for anyone who enjoys dancing and has an urge to innovate – to be empowered as a leader. These qualities all mimic the AWA Dance values and is a perfect opportunity to directly get involved with the charity’s work. This blog give’s girls a chance to share personal and diverse range of thoughts, cultures and experiences with like-minded readers.

The platform will be made to inspire others as well as be an encouragement to take action. For all posts, there will be guidelines to ensure content is thoughtful and also thought-provoking. We would love if content would evoke discussion and stimulate appropriate debate

We would love to hear your thoughts on leadership, dance, feminism… all of it! If you have a piece you would like to be featured in our blog ,email with a submission and we will be in contact!

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